Woodstock Poetry Society

The Woodstock Poetry Society was founded in April 1996 by Harold Levitt and Bob Wright, both former members of the Stone Ridge Poetry Society (which ended in 1995) who wanted to see a poetry venue established in the Woodstock area that offered not only an open mike for local poets but a place in which several featured poets could read from their work for an appreciative audience.

In January, 2004, with Bob Wright moving out of the area, Phillip X Levine became president of The Woodstock Poetry Society.

The Woodstock Poetry Society is a literary organization formed to provide an opportunity for Hudson Valley poets to read from their work for an appreciative audience and for members of the community to gain a better understanding of poetry and the creative process.

Today, meeting in Woodstock every month on the second Saturday at 2pm, the Society usually presents two noted poets as featured readers, plus an open mike that draws as many as 20 readers. Attendance ranges from 20-50 people at each meeting. No admission is charged for these meetings.