Teresa Marta Costa


Confrontations center around
the fractions of small confinements.

Words rise from mouth to air
unspeakable amongst frozen

We dictionize for all to read
yet, how can we spell alluring

Real Religion

I pawned leaves
empty handed
colors of blood. blood.

Languages slang
& off key are
songs mimed in
hugs. hugs.

Physical beings
pour off from
the cry of

Yet who's idea
was it to
motivate me,
      with empathy

My old religion
exists its

My new religion
is being in
reality. reality.

It's what we are

The Gates of Autumn

A river flows downward
Geese nestle high winds howl
A low note upturned
Winter is half way near.
Snakes slither curl spiral
Autumn a time when leaves
Much like a chameleon in Texas
This veil a membrane thin
Harvest virgin whores crotch
Upturned blasted bored through
Harvest moon is passed us below
The temples
Every leaf falls hither yet with a
Gentle is meaningless
These gates have opened whirlwinds
Of angelic foundlings overturn.
They await you
Eventually await us all
Mental confusion is not without
Poetic license
To kill with a word is to stab with
A song
I cradle a sound unknown on a
Day when red maple leaves crashed
The earth on a day when the gates
                the flood of tears
                            turned green.

About the Author

Brooklyn bred, Catskill Mountain raised, I am a 42 year resident of Ulster County, NY. I reside in West Hurley, NY. I have read extensively as a featured poet throughout the Hudson Valley starting as far back as 1974. I host poetry readings at The Bohemian Book Bin, Kingston NY. Occaisionally I review poetry chapbooks, and have recently been published in: OTHER:6, Home Planet News and Chronogram. I am listed in American Poets & Writers Directory, both book & online versions. Was a featured poet at The Ulster County Poets Festival at The Widow Jane Mine, in Rosendale, NY, member of the now-defunct 3 Free Women, and Voices of the Valley; a poetry entourage. I also partook as a featured poet at The Albany WordFest 2006.

Poetry comes from the mind, the heart, deep within the soul.

I am available for readings and can be reached at: hotpoetrygoddess@gmail.com or (845)331-6713.

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