Mike Jurkovic

Frost's granddaughter convinced me of my brilliance
as she held me between her legs
like I was the last man on earth.

We were young so sex closed the deal.
Rock the girl and you were
the next big thing in the land of lettres,
bite her neck and she read your words with worship.

Hell, I could do that. It was
sophomore year after all and I had
plenty of testosterone. Discovering
tongue along cleavage, lips upon belly,
tracing the sweat down her spine.

I had a way with alliteration
that was wholly American, she said
My hands on her feverish ass
as I foraged for her fulcrum -
breathing warm along her panty line,
their color that of open sky

Flux State

I entertain myself a lot
by screaming in cul-de-sacs
because it’s not about architecture
as much as stalemate and paralysis,
subterfuge, and how we all like to sparkle
when the king makes diamonds with his cum

Albert's Riddle
"The world is a curious madhouse" - Einstein

The world's a fuckin' nuthouse, man.
Every motherfucker thinkin’ he's king of the hill.

Do you know the firearms necessary
to defend that? The trillions
of armor piercing rounds?

Couldn't you say something more uplifting?
Like "That's why they put erasers on pencils" *
or "The meaning of life is to go back asleep
and hope tomorrow is a better day"
like Schulz, or was it Charlie Brown -
that bald little lotus - dreading one day at a time?

Even Plato practiced dying.
So why this innocuous axiom
from a brain so cock-sure of itself
as to ask who has the fish?

Who has the fish?
Didn't you ever
drop a line in a creek
and watch the day go by?

About the Author

First chapbook, Purgatory Road, published by Pudding House Press, 2010. Semi-finalist, 2008 Codhill Press Chapbook Competition & 2009 finalist in Bright Hill Literary Center full length book competition, Purgatory Road. Poems and music criticism have appeared/are forthcoming in over three hundred national & international literary magazines Anthologies: WaterWrites & Riverine (Codhill Press, 2009, 2007); Will Work For Peace (Zeropanik,1999).

Currently co-director of the Calling All Poets Series, now entering its 14th year at The Howland Cultural Center. Producer of CAPSCAST, a series of recordings from the feature readings from Calling All Poets, available at www.callingallpoets.net and iTunes. CD reviews appear in Elmore Magazine, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, & the Van Wyck Gazzette. The Rock 'n Roll Curmudgeon appeared in Rhythm & News Magazine 1996-2003. His website, www.mikejurkovic.com launches late January 2013.

He loves Emily most of all.

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