Bert Shaw

Reflections in the Pond

Beneath the soft ripples
on the pond
I want to shinny up
and swing
on the upside-down birches
then climb to the top
of the ancient upside-down pine
and go where the top ends
into the depths
beyond the clouds.

Moon Pond

She sailed her white top
into the tulip tree
and her black bottoms
into the river birch
then plunged
into the full white moon,
splashing specks of it
all over the pond
until she stepped out

Building on Sand

Who wouldn’t want
to build his house
on bedrock?
But what if
you’re only ready
to build on sand?

Build on sand
and learn to love
your cracking fireplace
your sticking doors
and your stuck windows
that used to open
to the sea.

About the Author

Bert Shaw had been writing “poem fragments” for many years. He completed one of them for the May ‘06 issue of Chronogram, and now forty others in the recently published Pond Poems, Etcetera.

Bert was president and the director of the Pathwork in Phoenicia (now the Menla Center) for 20 years. With his wife, Moira, he is co-founder of The 50-50 Work© that is based on 258 Pathwork lectures by Eva Pierrakos. He teaches this material and is a 50/50 helper and business coach.

Before his metaphysical adventures, Bert established himself in the world of marketing-communications as president of Shaw-Elliott. He introduced “real” humans into IBM advertising. He also helped create and introduce the world’s first lime-yellow fire engine.

Bert is currently working on a children’s book.

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