Andrée Stolte

Realm Between Incarnations

To see for a millisecond
A thread of souls knowledge
Across the sea of time
From the realm between incarnations

While form descends
As little human
Watching this earth, but not seeing

Dissolving beckons
Catapulted at lightning speed in perfect stillness
Arriving in eternal space
Lingering with all those little souls
Who could not descend just yet
Holding, holding
Such a precious gift
This soul school visit

Soul says, don't ever think of me as the skin over your face
Nor the life when you were queen or beggar
Or frozen in the Holocaust

What is happening between lives mind asks,
Who am I?
The impulse moves and flows.
Soul is out shopping
Weaving a masterpiece of you
Gathering all essential components
A dash from countless centuries to now
A splash from before you walked upright
Palm pilot encoding all fleeting encounters
Millions of years releasing in this eternal NOW

Never stop the question, but never mind.
Do not get involved

Earth and her sentient human beings
Collectively releasing past incarnations
Billions of humans, releasing billions of imprints
Once again do no get involved in the external
Any more than if you had formed the suns
Or stars

Oh to be invited to this sacred party, this earth play
And sweep away remains of samscaras unfinished

Know the force encoded in you
A planet unto yourself
Dipped in a billion suns
Vibrating with a trillion stars

We are breathed into this life
this PERFECTION, swimming
Fluidly awakening without beginning or

Today Is The Last Day

Today is the last day said Kalsang
in his limited broken English
said Kalsang my Tibetan monk friend,
in reply to my inquiry of his sick friend.
Today is the last day,
he said in his sweet divine voice
ever so softly,
eyes lowered, head bowed.

Kalsang's words are the richest I ever heard
the sound of selflessness penetrating the atmosphere
every letter and syllable
infused with the notes of a soul who knows
sorrow and suffering
and a heart that flowers
the sacredness of suffering;
how much death every Tibetan knows.

Today is the last day for the young Tibetan man
as he lay in Bellevue hospital, dying
monks at the bedside,
attending to the next leg of the journey.
The young Tibetan man with the year old baby
departing this earth plane
as his young wife cries by his side.

Kalsangs eyes see through the earth play
still they held sadness, sorrow
compassion, lucid grace.

One day you may know
when your friend is near the end
may you know karma and reincarnation,
may you know
today is the last day.

Go on, live your life
for (baby)Tenzin
like today is the last day.

Ashokan Beauty

Talk to me said the reservoir
Tell me your secrets
Deepest desires
I know them anyway

Drink from me
And take my gift to you
This magnetic force field
Chant my name

My rich bowl reflects
Mountain top antennas
Aztec frequencies, Machu Pichu

Himalayan, Hawaiian Combined
Transmitting paradise
Who is the true beauty?

Stand near this fluid bowl
And tell me of the reflection
Harmonic confection
Sister mountain peaks
Breathing that paradise I said

Drop out of blindness, deafness
Turn off all sound
Then turn up this volume
Beauty frequency cascades from this bowl

Sparrows fly over me in divine patterns,
Dipping, sipping
Why not you

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